2019 Season:

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Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes


Kate Corrigan is 36 years old, which she considers to be "upper youth". She works for an advertising agency, and has just purchased her first house. When Kate goes door-to-door collecting for the Mothers' March on Birth Defects, she discovers the horrible

truth, almost all of her neighbors are 'Little Old Ladies'!

This a comedy about friendship between generations. It is a warm and witty story about growing older on your own terms, and never becoming 'old'!

This wonderful story was written by Sandra Finechel Asher, an internationally known playwright who is a Lancaster, PA resident.

Performances: May 17th and 18th at 7 PM
18th and 19th at 3 PM

Robin Hood


Join Robin and his merry men as they take from the rich to give to the poor. In this script by Diane Crews you will meet new characters, including the village children to whom Robin Hood is a 'super hero'.

August 19th or 20th at 6 PM
At St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
700 East Market Street - York, PA 17403
(Park in back of church and enter via double glass doors.)

October 11th and 12th at 7 PM
12th and 13th at 3 PM

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


Barbara Robinson's famous story introduces the Herdmans to the world.  They go to church to get snacks!  Next they take all the lead roles in Christmas Pageant! It's going to be a disaster!!Or is it?

October 14th or 15th at 6 PM
At St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
700 East Market Street - York, PA 17403
(Park in back of church and enter via double glass doors.)

December 13th and 14th at 7 PM
13th 15th at 3 PM

Touring Year Round:

Rupert Meets Mrs. Tales


Rupert is a pack rat who doesn't like to read. However, he has a book report due for school, so his Mother drops him off at the library, saying, "It's usually a good idea to read a book before you write a report." What happens next, through the magic of books, is that Rupert meets numerous storybook characters. Of course, not being a reader, he doesn't know any of them.

Available for bookings now at:
Elementary & Preschools - Church Activities
Libraries - Multi-Generational Parties

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Past Shows:

Everything Christmas and A Mystery Too

December 2016


Pollyanna Saves Jimmy Bean

April 2017

The Fantasticks

August 2017


The Second Jungle Book

September 2017


A Christmas Carol

December 2017

Christmas Carol Logo


April 2018


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Our Town

August 2018


The Night Before Christmas

December 2018


 Based on the famous poem published in 1823, our play begins with a gathering of friends on Christmas Eve. Don’t miss this classic magically brought to life on our holiday stage.

Snow Queen

March 2019


Before "Frozen" there was The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson. Adapted by Paige Hoke, it retells Gerda's adventure to rescue her friend from the icy clutches of the Snow Queen.