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Founding Members

Jody Appell

Edward, Karla, Melissa and Shannon Baker

Alex Bitzer

Carole and Scott Bitzer

Joan and Jeffrey Bitzer

Alice Marie and Michael Boustead

Daniel Boustead

Win Bradley

Cherie and Michael Brothers

Steve and Sandra Brown

Diane Crews

Caity Dettinger

Jeri and Lonnie Dettinger

Megan Dimit

Doris and Stephen Doud Jr.

Wendee Dunlap

Arlo Ehly

Tony Fogle

Shannon Hallisey

MaryAnn, Robert and Paige Hoke

John, Laura, Leah and Ian Jameson

Ken and Tyler Klinedinst

Pat Klinedinst

Joyce Knox

Stacey, Hannah and Rachel Kuhn

Quinton Laughman

Sharron Lerew

Kathleen Lucas and Hank Maul

Janet Milstead

Kahlil Mir

Shama Mir, Gerald Young, Kaidin and Asha Mir-Young

Rhonda, Michael, Tess and Elise Murphy

Julie and Charli Muszynski

Michele, Robert and Robert W. Rife

Steven, Callie and Steven Jr. Ruffatto

Renee and Mark Schaffer

Kathy and Gerry Schmitt

Richard Shue

Jennifer, Bill, Adeline and Eli Steel

Amber Sweigart

Kate, Jonathon, Giancarlo and Sebastiano Taps

Dennis, Deb, Jacob Thro

Sydney Tucker

Andrea, David and Jonah Unger

Jill Urey, Charles, Jillian and Henry Ducker

Doug and Susan Wolfgang